ICUV 7861

Price 595000

With state-of-the-art turbine technology, VM7862 helps achieve sequential ventilation in various clinical situations. When it is time for noninvasive ventilation, clinicians no longer need to switch devices.


Comprehensive invasive ventilation modes:

  • VM7862 has various invasive ventilation modes. PRVC and BIVENT are advanced ventilation modes that help you carry out invasive ventilation treatment efficiently.

Accurate gas management:

  • VM7862 has advanced gas control technology and features, including tube compensation, compliance compensation, and dead space compensation.

Perfect synchronization technology:

  • VM7862 has both pressure and flow trigger. As soon as patient’s breathing effort is detected, VM7862 responds quickly, avoiding patient-machine confrontation and improving patient comfort.

Strong gas leakage compensation ability:

  • VM7862 has a new state-of-the-art turbine drive.
  • Leakage compensation capacity is up to 60 L/min.

Noninvasive ventilation modes:

  • The noninvasive ventilation performance of the VM7862 is equal to the best noninvasive medical ventilator on the market. The following professional noninvasive ventilation modes are standard: NIV/CPAP, NIV-T, NIV-S/T.

Unique noninvasive trigger technology:

  • VM7862 contains a sensitive and efficient trigger system.
  • Quick response and reduced false triggers help your patient breathe freely and in comfort.
  • A unique, state of the art, algorithm allows the VM7862 to automatically adjust trigger sensitivity according to changing conditions, so you do not need to adjust the trigger sensitivity anymore.

Ease of Operation

  • 12"TFT color touch screen User-friendly interface with organized menus
  • Easy operation for First Time users
  • A single VM7862 will meet your changing therapeutic needs
  • Suitable for Pediatric and Adult patients
  • VM7862 can be used in the ICU, ER, and other departments for the rescue and therapy of patients with respiratory
  • Insufficiency, failure and distress, as well as provide respiratory support.

Improved Patient Outcome-

  • VM7862 features “Lung Mechanic” monitoring function to provide more insight into your patient’s lungs. Lung Mechanic measurements include: Static Compliance, Airway Resistance, Intrinsic PEEP, Time Constant.
  • Clinical tools that allow the user to make clinical intervention faster and better include: Ins./Esp. hold, manual inspiration, smart suction, waveform freeze, and print screen functions.
  • Weaning is now simpler with the VM7862. Weaning paramaters include RSBI and WOB, providing an accurate reference for weaning, so the user will know the right time for patient weaning, thus allowing for shortened ventilation time.

Increased Patient Safety- V8600 helps to minimize patient risk

  • The VM7862 contains apnea backup ventilation for invasive and noninvasive spontaneous modes.
  • The VM7862 battery backup supports uninterrupted patient care during power failures and intra-hospital transport.
  • Patients may be kept on the same ventilator, with minimum disconnection risk, for weaning or transfer to a home care environment.

Reduction in Maintenance Costs-

  • VM7862 has a built-in, low noise turbine that eliminates the need for an air compressor.
  • Maintenance costs are reduced as consumables are eliminated. The exhalation valve is made of stainless steel.
  • The VM7862 is able to be integrated with a state-of-the-art, Paramagnetic Sensor Technology, which eliminates the need for a consumable oxygen sensor. This means you never have to replace an oxygen sensor.
  • On-site system updating, achievable with flash drive.


  • Extended battery for 2 more hours of backup
  • etCO2 module
  • Paramagnetic oxygen sensor