Intelock Plug SPT-11

Intelock Plug SPT-11

Price 3500

   Safety device mounted on safety doors or machine tools to prevent accidents due to unintentional power input.

  •  Positive opening mechanism. Safe structure that allows for visual confirmation that a part of a circuit has been removed.
  •  Simple and reliable operation that involves simple inserting and removing the plug. Machinery can be stopped in an emergency by immediately removing the plug.
  •  Simple structure. A product that pursues high reliability and has removed complicated contacts and operation mechanisms from it as much as possible.
  •  Sufficient dimensions required for door interlocking while also being convenient to carry around and not easily lost.


  •  Ideal for safety fence doors, doors and operation panels of machine tools and industrial machinery, etc.
  •  Ideal for self-propelled machines, passageway doors and operation panels in automated warehouses as well as other general mechanical equipment.

Rated Voltage-250V

Handle mounting-Bolt/Nut

Wiring terminal-2 X M4

Rated Current- 15A