Fuji Electric Circuit Protectors

Fuji Electric Circuit Protectors

Price 1540

The fully revised CP-F series circuit protector model.
Finger-protecting (IP20 equivalent) construction for the main circuit with no terminal cover required.
Standard product that conforms to vital specifications both in Japan and abroad.

  • Rated block capacity When AC 250 V(kA)- 2.5
  • Number of Poles- 2
  • Rated Current(A)- 0.5
  • Polarity presence- Available
  • Dimension height(mm)-71
  • Dimension depth(mm)- 75.3
  • Included equipment- NA
  • Main terminal- Screw terminal
  • Rated Voltage- AC250V / DC125V
  • Operating properties- Medium speed
  • Dimension width(mm)- 35
  • Mounting Method- Both M4 screw / IEC35mm rail
  • Applicable circuit- Both AC/DC